Wednesday, 24 August 2011

which is better Ipod touch 2nd generation or ipod nano 4th generation?

which is better Ipod touch 2nd generation or ipod nano 4th generation?
I have owned the first generation ipod nano when it first came out, i had for about a year and then i gave it to my brother which left to the military. I love music, and i was wondering which one should i get? or if you think there is something better than these two what do you recommend?
by the way, i do not have a music player, that is why i really want one.

It really depends on which one suits you better.
The Touch can play music, browse the internet, play games, is application-adaptable, watch movies, and more… And it has a touch screen (sweet bonus).

The Nano is (most definitely) the most compact MP3 player on the market, and it manages to put off a hell of a good show. It is very compact and lightweight, makes great use of the built in accelerometer (when you shake the nano, your song shuffles), and is compatible with video and games.

Now, the Touch’s screen is much bigger, but that also means it takes up more space in your pocket (although the touch is pretty thin… But it also scratches easier).
The Nano’s screen is smaller, BUT many people find the nano to be much more practical. And it comes in some crazy colors.

I wouldn’t recommend something other than an iPod product… It’s true that buying an iPod and using it extensively with iTunes is essentially like selling them your soul… You can’t put iTunes-bought music on any other MP3 player, so they kind of own your music collection after a while. But, iPod’s are the most convenient and sensibly-made mp3 players on the planet…. Creative and Samsung put up quite a fight, but iPod still tops out in the end. It’s just very user-friendly, and they become more and more versatile as new ones come out, and the old ones receive software updates to keep them in the loop.