Saturday, 13 August 2011

Iphone 5 Release on October - Apple iphone 5 Release Date

Iphone 5 Release on October - Apple iphone 5 Release Date

Iphone 5 Release Date. news of the Release Date of the iPhone 5 more and more widely heard. Previously, Apple's latest smartphone is touted to be released in the United States in September 2011 as we proclaim in the previous article iPhone 5 Latest Leak. Now the latest report said the schedule stretch into October.

A report commissioned Investor's Business Daily is based on information obtained from sources that are very familiar with AT & T, the operator which provides data services for the iPhone.

Reported by Investor's Business Daily(08/02/2011), mentioned earlier speculation that the iPhone 5 Release Date will be available September, triggered by information that AT & T prohibits all employees on leave and vacation in that month.

Other sources, such as the various technology blog All Things Digital, also inform the same thing. Piper Jaffray analyst estimates there are potential pent-up demand for the successor to the iPhone 4, which can lead to strong sales.

Iphone 5 Release Date As usual, Apple will not be willing to comment on speculation that comes ahead of the release of its product. The company's Steve Jobs will remain silent and let alone the various rumors to grow until the release time arrives.