Wednesday, 24 August 2011

iPhone 5 Earthquake Alert Features

iPhone 5 Earthquake Alert Features - Apple will introduce an innovative feature for iPhone Japan version 5. New features of Apple it will help the user to give a warning before the earthquake.

As quoted from the Tech Gadgets Web, August 23, 2011, earthquake detection feature has become a very common feature on mobile phones the local brand. However, for imports, the feature phone like never before.

On mobile phones and Apple's warning to use special ring tone will be active even if the handset has been set to silent mode.

How it works, users will often get a warning instead. As revealed by Time magazine about how an operational early warning system, a warning will be triggered as soon as the earthquake occurred.

As known, Japan is a country that had the earthquake early warning system is the most advanced in the world. A national online system launched in 2007, including early warning earthquake via mobile.

The service is active based on signs of early after an earthquake happened, i.e. small vibrations move faster than the later menuyusul shocks the earthquake itself.

Based on the user's distance from the epicenter, the user it is possible to get a warning during the 90 seconds or several minutes before the earthquake actually occurs.