Friday, 13 May 2011

Apple replaced ARM-based chips instead of Intel CPU

Apple replaced ARM-based chips instead of Intel CPU - Apple Industries has suddenly decided to leave Intel processors in favor of ARM (Advanced RISC Machines)-based chips in its line of
(i) MacBooks and
(ii) MacBook Pros, a new report claims.

Citing anonymous sources, technology news site SemiAccurate is reporting that Apple's move is already "a done deal." However, the company won't be bringing ARM chips to its devices anytime soon.
According to SemiAccurate, its sources say that the move won't happen for two or three years, potentially coinciding with Nvidia's release of its Project Denver CPUs. Those ARM-based processors are being developed for everything from PCs to servers and supercomputers, Nvidia said earlier this year. They will be integrated on the same chip as the company's GPU.
Of course, there are some potential issues with Apple moving away from Intel-based chips. For one, the company would need to deal with software incompatibility issues that might arise. Moreover, and perhaps most importantly, ARM-based chips have yet to prove themselves in the PC market--a space where Intel has been performing extremely well. ARM chips have, however, become the go-to options for smartphone and tablet vendors.
That said, ARM chips could be poised for serious growth in the PC market. Just yesterday, research firm IDC said that it expects ARM to own 13 percent of the PC processor market by 2015.

Apple Iphone 5 Release Date in Europe UK Roma

Apple Iphone 5 Release Date in Europe UK Roma - iPhone 5 release date with specifications...
According to apple industries IPhone 5 is expected to release by June 6th, 2011.

1)Apple iPhone 5 is having 3.7 inch display screen,
2)LTE with graphical advanced dual core CPU,
3)1.2 GHz processor,
4)Multi core A8 system chip with Dual Core processor and
5)Graphics card SGX543 with HD quality.

Also iPhone 5 is having advanced features such as media stream and mobileme connect features. Apple iPhone 5 provides long hours of battery backup. Apple has not mentioned the other details about this device

Apple IPhone 5 Release Date in Qatar Turkey UEA

Apple IPhone 5 Release Date in Qatar Turkey UEA - Apple will start shipping the iPhone 5 in September, according to reports, likely with a faster processor like that found in the iPad 2.

The iPhone 4: is its replacement coming in September? (Reuters)
Like clockwork, Reuters has added to the tally of fifth-generation iPhone rumors. Citing three anonymous sources “with direct knowledge of the company’s supply chain,” Reuters claims Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone will have a faster processor, and begin shipping in September.

That means mass production of the phone would have to start no later than August, with an announcement likely to come at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

(By the way, Reuters is fast becoming a regular contributor to the Apple rumor mill; recently it has weighed in on the white iphone 4, iPad 4, iPad 2, iPad 3.)

Reuters’ report is the latest in a series of rumors about the release date of Apple’s next iPhone. Most rumors about the fifth-generation iPhone have focused on when the official announcement and launch date will be, which may face delays caused by the Japanese crisis.

In case you haven’t been paying close attention, here’s every what various sources have reported about fifth-generation iPhone in the last few months:

On Monday, an analyst from Concord Securities told investors he had heard from unnamed suppliers that the fifth-generation iPhone will only start mass production in September, and come equipped with a faster A5 processor, improved antenna, 8-megapixel rear camera, and Qualcomm baseband. A week before that, Avian Securities also told its investors that Apple won’t begin production until September, pushing back an iPhone 5 launch date to the end of 2011 or early 2012.

From Asia, Taiwanese newspaper DigiTimes added a fresh angle, citing anonymous touch panel suppliers who claimed that Apple won’t release the fifth-generation iPhone this summer because demand for the iPhone 4 has been too strong. Parts shipments have also remained constant, and Apple hasn’t given manufacturers a timeframe for when production of the iPhone 4 will wind down.

Meanwhile South Korea-based ETNews reported last week that unnamed “industry officials” had “confirmed” a June release date for the iPhone, with South Korean carriers KT and SK Telecom starting sales by the end of June.

At the end of March, Japanese-language blog Macotakara,jp reported that Apple was pushing the fifth-generation iPhone release to the fall due to delays caused by the earthquake.

As for the older rumors, Forbes reported last month that Apple will enable mobile payments by embedding near-field communications technology in the fifth-generation iPhone. Then there’s another batch of reports claiming the fifth-generation iPhone will come with an 8-megapixel camera supplied by Sony, which recently made CEO Howard Stringer roll his eyes.

Leave your comments of what you think of these so called rumours, if there is any truth that the Iphone 5 will be coming out in Septmeber?

iPhone 5 Release Date Singapore

iPhone 5 Release Date Singapore - From September the new smartphone would with a faster processor will probably be delivered, said people familiar with the matter. iphone 5 release date singapore, The new device will look similar to the current version of the iPhone 4th

Smartphone details are not yet known why a lot of rumors are in circulation. Repeatedly referred to these changes relate to built-in processor, which is supposed to act like the iPad 2 at the Apple proprietary chip-A5.

Also frequently been reports of a stronger camera on the back. The resolution of eight megapixels will in future be. Major hardware changes should be planned only for the iPhone 6 in 2012, the focus is now clearly on the development of the mobile operating system IOS, the fifth version to the next iPhone is expected.

iphone 5 release date singapore, the iPhone is one of the most successful Apple products. Only in the last quarter of 2010 16 million units were sold, accounting for more than a third of total turnover. The current fourth generation was introduced in June last year by Apple CEO Steve Jobs and placed in the same month on the market. lets we wait when iphone 5 release date australia will be realized.

Apple iPhone 5 Release Date

Apple iPhone 5 Release Date - iPhone 5 Release Date Should Be This Year As Apple Named Most Valuable Brand!Per Macrumors: “As measured by marketing and advertising group WPP in its annual BrandZ study of global brands, Apple easily topped the list of most valuable brands for the first time. Apple checks in with a brand value of over $153 billion, up 84% over last year and well ahead of second-place Google, which had topped the survey for the previous four years, at $111 billion.”

Obviously, if Apple wants to keep that position, they’re going to need a boost from a new line of iPhones. The current accepted rumor is a September/Fall release. We’re just going to have to wait if it materializes or not. Congrats Steve Jobs and Apple!