Saturday, 27 August 2011

Comex on Apple

Comex on Apple - Comex, a powerful hacker is behind, joined Apple as an intern. He announced his decision to intern at Apple on her Twitter account.

"I feel tired. So, the next few weeks I will start an internship at Apple, "write the Comex.

The hacker community is memopulerkan jailbreaking, techniques to break the security system with iOS operating system very easily.

Comex himself, according to the publication of Forbes, is a 19-year-old teenager named Nicholas Allegra. He was a student at Brown University and lives with his parents in Chappaqua, New York.

One of the most astounding statement Comex relating to jailbreaking is, "it's like to edit the paper in United Kingdom. You just take a look and find the error. "

One of the results is to use PDF jailbreaking Comex Renderer Apple to run custom software to crack the device iOS. The issue then managed to overcome Apple in a week.

Forbes speculated that Apple instead linking Comex for internships. Comex himself could not explain the details and unknown as well as what will be done at Apple Comex.

It is not the first time at Apple. Previously, developers MobileNotifier Peter Hajas selected for an internship at last summer. However, unlike Hajas, Comex or Allegra responsible directly on some of the tools that allow jailbreaking in the iPhone can do.