Saturday, 13 August 2011

Apple iPhone 5 Battery can Stand for 30 Days?

Apple iPhone 5 Battery can Stand for 30 Days?Apple iPhone 5 Battery can Stand for 30 Days? Apple has obtained the first patent associated with Liquidmetal, the future of metal that has such quality plastic upper class. But at this Apple patent would not wear it to the chassis but to internal components for fuel-cell. Apple's new patent describes an amorphous alloy as plate collectors to fuel-cell, electronic battery that uses hydrogen to generate electricity. Although no mention of Liquidmetal but this material called amorphous alloys or metallic glass. Liquidmetal is super ringah metals with high strength and anti-scratch-called NASA will bring changes in materials science in the 21st century. Liquidmetal is estimated that Apple would be used to create the next generation iPhone. Fuel cell technology is becoming a much talked about in Silicon Valley. With this technology can be made batteries are cheap, efficient, and environmentally friendly. Miniature fuel cells could be a source of energy for a cell phone for more than 30 days without refilling.