Wednesday, 24 August 2011

7 October : Apple iPhone 5 Release Date

7 October : Apple iPhone 5 Release Date - According to the latest sources, Apple is planning to sell the iPhone 5 on October 7. Mentioned, Apple will begin rolling out pre-orders for the new handsets are much sought after it began last September.

Quoted from Pocket-Lint, August 20, 2011, 9to5Mac stated that they had heard the news that sales of products on October 7 of a source ' independent ' while other sources still doubting between July 7 or 14 October.

Nevertheless, it is estimated that the October 7 is the date that is possible, because the manufacturers it has had a good preparation.

In addition, newspaper circulation, on that day, not just the iPhone 5 just outstanding. Reportedly, there is a second handset that is present on the same day. Although Apple has never done this before, but the possibility of a second product that has a size smaller, less expensive, and possibly intended for prepaid subscribers.

From the information that's been circulating on the Internet, the iPhone is a smartphone with 5 touted dual core processor, supports navigation-based A5 sounds, have a 8 megapixel camera, and has a panoramic photography skills.

Predicted, there will be a line at any Apple outlets around the world. However, unfortunately in the United Kingdom, the Apple launch coincides with the rainy season in October. Pocket-Lint suggested, bring an umbrella before buying Apple.