Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Special watches for BlackBerry users

Special watches for BlackBerry users - Innovations from Research In Motion (RIM) while it is indeed up to the Internet services (BlackBerry Internet Service), BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry devices. Yet another case with creations that have been created by small-medium-sized entrepreneurs. An example is the watches ' BlackBerry '.

These watches are not an official product, RIM but product accessories created an SME named inPulse. These watches can only work if connected to a BlackBerry mobile phone via Bluetooth connection.

Quotation from the CrackBerry, October 21, 2009, this special inPulse design hours as new accessories for RIM's BlackBerry, which he was.

These watches are equipped with an OLED display that can display text more clearly. In addition, inPulse is also pinning great magnitude battery. However, unfortunately there is no more information related to its specifications.

So, what's the difference with normal hours? Yes, the clock will show notifications or notification message if there is something new from your BlackBerry. That way, if there is a vibration on your mobile phone as an indicator of the existence of a new message, you can simply look at Your watch.

The concept is quite interesting and simple, but the inPulse SmartWatch proves that he initiated the concept, which could make the BlackBerry users are getting addicted to.

Up to now, there has been no price or availability of information related to inPulse SmartWatch, but according to information from the source VIVAnews, this innovative BlackBerry accessories will soon greet users.