Wednesday, 24 August 2011

tracking the iphone

tracking the iphone - I have seen people at my school with a stolen phone and it would be working. All they did was switch the sim in the stolen phone with their own. I am seeing all this convtraversy over the iphone being tracked. How can they track it if it has a different sim card in it. People access wifi through their house, can they track it this way? They dont necessarily have to register of update on Apple Itunes or even access the itunes store. They can put music on it through limewire. I dont see how the phone can be tracked. I was going to buy an iphone but i think it is stolen. I dont want to get in trouble for something i didnt do but i dont want to give up a deal of a lifetime. Can it be tracked with a different sim card, wifi through my house, and never registering it or updating through itunes? Thanks